Best little coffee shop in North Wales?

There are not too many people visiting North Wales who would say that they must stop off in Llandudno Junction and but for the fact that I started going to a Pilates class on a Saturday morning I would never had reason to go and I might never have discovered Providero which has to be the best little coffee shop in North Wales!

I’m not a coffee expert but I know what I like. However, it is not just the coffee they also make the most sublime home made cakes and then there is the superb service and the great music to round it all off!

The only downside has to be that it is small and it can get incredibly busy but as long as you don’t mind sharing a table with other people then it isn’t a problem.

You are unlikely to have a reason to go to Llandudno Junction unless you are buying a car or want to practice Pilates but if you like good coffee, amazing cake and great service then you need to go to Providero…..but be prepared to share your table and if you like chocolate you should try the coconut slice!


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