Dwi’n dysgu Cymraeg…..or I’m learning Welsh

Most people who move to live in a country where there is a different language would make the attempt to learn that language but on the whole that doesn’t seem to be the case in Wales, possibly because the nation is bi-lingual and if you live in Llandudno or anywhere east of there the likelihood of hearing a Welsh accent reduces significantly. It does seem that the tunnels on the A55 act as a natural barrier and you will meet more Welsh speakers to the west of them.

I have spent my life since 21 moving around the UK and not really putting down roots, with the longest I have lived anywhere being 13 years, but I feel that I have found somewhere that I would like to spend the rest of my life and therefore I wanted to learn Welsh, if nothing else so that I can pronounce place names correctly and use general greetings in the short term and hopefully in the longer term have a conversation.

My challenge is that I don’t work in Wales and living in Llandudno meet very few Welsh people and but for an article about a relatively new business venture, which was about learning Welsh via Skype I would still be wondering how to learn Welsh.

Asa result of that article I contacted Llinos Griffin the owner of Gwefus and pretty much every week since September 2016 I have been learning Welsh. I was never very good at languages at school and I won’t say I am finding it easy but I am enjoying it and that is what is important.

So if you are moving to Wales I would recommend learning Welsh and you wouldn’t go far wrong in having Llinos as your tutor as she makes the lessons easy to understand and fun and because I work away in the week then time is precious so I can have my lesson in the week which keeps the weekend free to discover more of this gorgeous country. You can contact Llinos via her Website.



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