Let’s get personal!

It was on one of my very first visits to North Wales that I noticed the large number of personalised number plates everywhere I went. It seemed like every other car, although it probably wasn’t!

I think that personalised number plates might evoke as much as a reaction as tattoos and in many respects both are a personal statement. I don’t have either, at the moment, but I’m just curious as to why there are so many in North Wales.

When I investigated further I found that, based on a study in 2009, that Llangefni and Conwy are in the Top 20 post codes for car’s with personalised number plates. in fact Llangefni, or to be more precise post code LL77, was third, one place above Sandbanks in Bournemouth, which has the fourth highest land value in the world and has been dubbed Britain’s Palm Beach! What does that make Llangefni?

What was also interesting about that study was who has a personalised plate and might explain why there are so many in North Wales. In the top 20 are Nursing Home owners, Cafe proprietors and Farriers.

Does being in an area where a lot of people have retired, is predominantly rural and is a holiday destination explain why there are so many?



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