What do the Loire, Nappa and Conwy Valleys have in common?

Believe it or not wine!

Probably like many people I have a lot of  misconceptions about wine grown in the UK, after all you tend to associate wine production with sunnier climates and the UK is not renowned for that and perhaps even more so when you think of Wales, but for me all that has changed having been to a Welsh Cheese and Wine tasting evening at Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard in Llangwstenin, which was set up in 2012 by Colin and Charlotte Bennett.

In many respects I can’t do the evening justice but suffice to say that two hours flew by and totally changed my perception of wine grown in the UK and in particular Wales. Colin is without doubt a great raconteur and he makes the whole evening enjoyable and entertaining, as well as educational and at £15 per head it is not an expensive night out. They currently have five different wine varieties and you get to try them all with cheeses that have been made in Wales.

When I go out I would normally choose red so it was great to try wines that I wouldn’t normally drink and when it came to choosing a wine to have with my cheese I opted for the rose, which I am certain would shock those who know me.

I’m no wine expert but I know what I like and I enjoyed all the wines and certainly will be adding them to my shopping list although there are only two retail outlets selling their products but you can buy direct so it is a good job they are only a short drive away!

Without a doubt they are creating quite a buzz in the industry and are already winning awards and it was both interesting and exciting to hear what they have achieved already.

It was a great evening and I certainly plan to go on one their vineyard tours. You do have to book but it is well worth the effort and I would be surprised if you didn’t enjoy it and even more so if you didn’t purchase at least one bottle of wine!



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