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There are many towns and cities that you are unlikely to visit unless you live locally or have a reason to visit. For me one such place is Bangor. I first went there because of someone I used to know, who lived in a local village.

I recently had to go back and in doing so I discovered 1815 café. I will admit it wasn’t my first choice but where I had wanted to try you had to queue and as my friends know, that is one of my least favourite activities.

But then I remembered being told that the food at 1815 was good and I have to say I was not disappointed. It was a Saturday and the place was busy but the service was good and the food was excellent. I didn’t chose it but their signature dish is without doubt their tapas and lots of people had opted for it…..maybe next time!

When I had first heard about it I did wonder why it was called 1815 but then I realised that it is on Waterloo Street. So great food, nice atmosphere, excellent service and a clever name, which all go to make for a memorable visit. If I lived in Bangor or had more reason to go there then undoubtedly I would become a regular and although I have been to Bangor a few times of an evening it is only open in the day.

One word of caution is that when I went it was cash only! I don’t know if this is the norm but something to bear in mind.

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