Along the corridor and up the stairs…..

If you want to find out what this means then you will have to go on the Introduction to Navigation course that is run by Breese Adventures which I would certainly recommend if you want to be able to go out walking and have some confidence of knowing where you are or even to work out where you are should you get lost.

I was once in the cubs and the scouts but if they taught me how to use a compass or read a map then it was forgotten a long time ago and since being in North Wales I have only been on group walks but have wanted the ability to go walking on my own or in a small group.

There was three of us on the course, two of us complete novices and one with some knowledge and Stu, who led it, was excellent tailoring it to those who knew the least and ensuring that we understood it. It started with some theory and then we were outside in the snow and the rain putting into practice what we had just learnt, which was also good because if you get lost you can’t dictate what the weather will be like.

It also taught us to work as a team and to ensure that we all understood what the plan was and how we were going to achieve it. Again exactly what you would need to do if you got lost.

I won’t steal Stu’s thunder by saying too much about the course but by the end of it you will be able to read a map, navigate between two points and work out how long it will take you as well as learn what it means to go along the corridor and up the stairs!

A hugely enjoyable day in which I learnt a lot and has given me the confidence to be able to plan a walk so I can go out either on my own or in a small group of friends.



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