Memorial or business opportunity?

Probably like many people as I have driven into Llandudno I have seen the obelisk at Bryn Pydew and wondered what it commemorated. It therefore came as some surprise to discover that it was only erected in 1993 by the owner of Bodysgallen Hall Hotel.

At the time it not surprisingly attracted a substantial amount of controversy from local residents particularly as it was also erected in an area of scientific interest….or is it?

When I did a search the official government website didn’t list Bryn Pydew as a designated area of scientific interest!

Just to add to the intrigue the owner of Bodysgallen Hall donated the hotel, as well as the other hotels he owned, to the National Trust which they continue to manage.

Why therefore would such a philanthropic personality want to build an obelisk for no apparent good reason or was it purely seen as a business opportunity?

Despite its controversial history and the disappointment that it is not a memorial, it is worth a visit as once there you have fantastic views of the Conwy estuary, even on a grey day. You can just park at the bottom of the hill and walk up or as I did park at the Nature Reserve and then follow the pathway which starts just behind the Tan-y-Bryn Caravan Park. From there you get views of Bryn Euryn and you walk along a ridge that runs parallel to the A55 with far reaching views across the valley and beyond.



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