Get down to Colwyn Bay to find out if The Bay Hop is the Holy Grail of Ale!

Bay Hop
The Bay Hop Colwyn Bay

If you like ale then a visit to The Bay Hop in Colwyn Bay is a must and even if you don’t you should go on a Sunday afternoon when they have live music and other alcoholic beverages are available!

On first sight it is very unassuming as it is not a traditional pub but rather located in what would have been a shop. However, looks can be deceptive and this has not prevented it from being voted the Abercolywn CAMRA pub of the year 2017 and it describes itself as Colwyn Bay’s first micropub and bottleshop.

Bay Hop
Three Leaf Clover live at The Bay Hop

I first found out about The Bay Hop on Twitter and my first visit was on a Sunday afternoon when there was live music by Three Leaf Clover. For some reason Irish music and beer go so well together! Why is that?

I’m not sure how often they appear there but they cover some great traditional songs as well as more well known pop songs and if you are lucky you might get the Pirate song, in which case you had better join in!

Holy Grail of Ale?

I have become quite passionate about the fact that pubs should be supporting local breweries and I am amazed at the number of pubs that don’t but The Bay Hop is a veritable treasure trove of locally produced beer as well as that from further afield and there is a beer for every taste.

If you find a beer you like then don’t leave empty handed as it may not be there the next time you go. On my first visit they had a wonderful bottled Porter from the Druid brewery on Anglesey and the next time there was only one bottle left and depending on the size of the brewery there is every possibility that it is a limited edition.

The Bay Hop is definitely a reason for visiting Colwyn Bay.



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