Stand-up comedy is alive and well at the 3rd space!

One of the first posts I did when I launched Peaks and Pints was of the 3rd space at the Great Orme Brewery.

At the time I said:

‘When most people think of Llandudno they probably think of an ageing population and traditional seaside entertainment but tucked away on Builder Street is 3rd space at the Great Orme Brewery and it is building a burgeoning reputation for great stand-up comedy’

I felt I should write an update because the original MC has moved on to pastures new but the 3rd space has continued with a comedy night. They are still held on the last Saturday of the month and with the same format of three acts but with a guest MC.

A lot of the regulars have obviously followed the old MC to his  new venue and show, which is held on the same night, as the audience was smaller than it had been,  but I would say that the one I went to was one of the best comedy nights I had been to at 3rd Space and that is for a number of reasons:

Firstly heckling was becoming a bit of an issue, which the first time it happens can be funny but when it happens every month becomes a bit of a turn off and you could see it affected the acts as they were having to handle the heckling rather than just deliver their routine. I realise that heckling will always happen but why do people think they are funnier than the person they have come to see? So no heckling was a definite plus point.

Secondly, it seemed that every month there was at least one act who could only tell sex jokes. Now I’m no prude but again, after a while, it can be a bit boring. I don’t mind the odd joke about sex but I don’t want it to be the foundation of someone’s act.

So, despite now having competition, if the 3rd space can maintain the standard of the comedians and MC then I am sure that numbers will return to what they were and I will become a regular again.

Finally prices have returned to £10 rather than the £12.50 they had been increased to.

So lots of reasons, at least for me, to continue getting my comedy fix at 3rd Space and of course there is the great beer!

They also continue with various monthly music nights and I think they are worthy of a separate post, so watch out for that coming soon.

All their events are on their website and you can also get your tickets there.


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