3rd Space…..possibly the best little music venue in North Wales?

The Eskies closing out their set at 3rd Space

I enjoy listening to live music and I must admit in moving to North Wales I did wonder if I might be entering into a musical desert but with having 3rd Space at Great Orme Brewery   on my doorstep it feels more like I have entered a musical nirvana!

I have already mentioned some of the acts that have appeared here in another post but without doubt the highlight of 2016 was The Eskies. In many respects it is hard to categorise their music. However an Irish band in a brewery on the last night of the tour suggests that you are going to be in for a musical treat particularly when their promotional material describes them as ‘ Purveyors of music that meanders from sea soaked waltz to Italian tarantella, from Brassy funeral march-esque lament to weep along Klezmar knees up, from chain gang holler to rag time finger snap’. They totally lived up to expectations and are probably better live than on CD. My only disappointment was that they didn’t do their cover of ‘Wicked Game’

In 2017 the gigs have come thick and fast the first of which, for me,  was Nobel Jacks who are described as a high energy alt-folk band and Ramblers Steam is a great example of their music. If I had a criticism it was that with only one album to their name the set was a bit short and perhaps they need to introduce some covers, and there is no shame in that as many famous artists including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones have done before them.

Goat Roper Rodeo Band

Next up was the Goat Roper Rodeo band whose members look as if they could have been either in  The Allman Brothers Band or The Outlaws. They describe themselves as Cosmic Country Blues and that pretty much sums them up and it is hard to believe that they are from North Wales, so authentic is their sound. What started out as a one off gig at 3rd space has now turned into a regular country music club and there is a great review by From the Margins.

Katey Brooks and Band

In June there were three gigs in almost as many weeks and I didn’t get to all of them but for me Katey Brooks was incredible and you felt you were watching a potential star of the future. Again there is another great review by From the Margins, who says it far better than I can, but without a doubt ‘Call Out’ was probably the stand out song of the evening and she was backed up by her superb band who showed that you can have drums at 3rd space!

Chris Helme

Tickets on average are only £10/12 and at that price I am always prepared to take a chance and go to hear someone I’ve never heard of and that was the case with Chris Helme but it was just a great evening and there were obviously some fans of his past incarnations there. It was an intimate evening of music with some great musicianship and songs and where Chris Helme was confident and comfortable enough to exchange banter with the audience. In a word he was brilliant! One review of Chris Helme likens him to a ‘rustic’ Neil Young and in many respects you could well imagine that 3rd Space was probably the sort of venue that Neil Young started out in.

If you have never been to 3rd Space before then you don’t know what you are missing, the quality just seems to be getting better and at least three of the acts which have appeared at 3rd space were at this years Glastonbury, which is no mean feat.

3rd space also have a one day music festival called Gorjys in September, featuring many of the artists that have appeared at 3rd space as well as many more, so if you are regretting never having been then here is the opportunity to catch them in one magical event!



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