September Gig Watch…Part 1

One of the things I am passionate about is live music. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than paying less than £20 and going to hear a band or solo artist at a small venue. It is not all about the big stadiums or arenas and I always remember seeing U2 on what was probably their first tour at Bracknell Sports Centre!

Currently I work in Birmingham in the week and then at weekends I am home in North Wales. My favourite venues are Kitchen Garden Café in Birmingham and in North Wales it is without a doubt 3rd Space at Great Orme Brewery but I am always on the look out to try something new. So I thought I would start what I am calling gig watch which will hopefully be a monthly post of gigs that are on that I am hoping to go to and which I think might interest you.

One band I saw at the Kitchen Garden was The Coal Porters who describe themselves as the first ‘alt-bluegrass’ act and are led by Sid Griffin, who started out in a band called The Long Ryders.

As well as performing their own compositions they also do covers and when I heard them they did among others Heroes by David Bowie as well as Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones and since then I have been wanting to see them again but for a whole host of reasons I haven’t managed it. However, they are out on the road promoting their current album and on Friday 29th September they are at The Old Mill in Llandiloes. If you live local to there then get a long as you are in for a musical treat and if you don’t still go. Of course what I don’t get is if you go on The Old Mill Facebook page there is no mention of the gig….what is that about?

The best place to get tickets is WeGotTickets. For £10 you really cannot go wrong!

Not sure whether to go? Well here is a link to Heroes:

Not convinced? How about Another Girl, Another Planet?

I’m looking forward to a great night!




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