V is for Voltaire and Vegan

Would you go to a restaurant if you knew it was Vegan, i.e. there was no meat on the menu?

I think most meat eating people would only consider it as a last resort but hopefully Voltaire in Bangor could change all that!

My daughter has become a vegan this year and so I have started to look for vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants that I can take her to when she visits me and I have to say that they are scarcer than the proverbial ‘hen’s tooth’ in North Wales.

Purely by chance and the power of social media I saw an article on Facebook about the protest/stance that Voltaire had taken regarding the new £5 notes as they contain animal fat (something I certainly didn’t realise) and so I made my way there one Friday lunch time to see what it was like.


Even though it is a little out of the way on Garth Road, as you head to the pier, it was fairly busy with a mix of people in terms of age although I did notice that most of the other customers were female, although I’m not sure what conclusion can be drawn from that, if any!

The Buddha Bowl


For lunchtime there is a cutdown menu (although it didn’t feel like that) as they have a selection of 13 burgers, wraps, breakfast and a selection of small plates. Of an evening there is an even bigger menu.

On the next table they appeared to have gone for the burgers which looked enormous so I decided to try the Buddha Bowl, mainly because I wanted to make sure there was room for dessert!



Vegan friendly beer from Wild Horse Brewing Company


With my lunch I decided to have a beer and I was pleased to see that they stock not only a range of local beers but as I have subsequently discovered the one I chose was vegan friendly.

It had never even crossed my mind that all beers were not vegan friendly but just as bank notes utilise animal based products so it appears do brewers!

If you have read any of my other posts I believe in supporting local produce but at a quick glance only Wild Horse claim to be vegan friendly in the majority of their beers.



I am pleased to say that there was room for a dessert and I went for the fruit crumble with vegan ice cream and it was without doubt one of the best crumbles I have ever had (sorry Mum) and you would never have known that the ice cream was non-dairy.

I finished off the meal with an Americano which again was made with a locally sourced coffee.



The décor is red and mauve walls, stripped wooden tables, strings of lightbulbs and skateboard art and overall the whole place has a warm and welcoming feel to it.

For me a good dining experience is determined by service, food, atmosphere and cost and for me it is 5 stars on every count and I would have no problem recommending it to friends.

Forget the fact that it is vegan, for me Voltaire just provides a great dining experience and I am hoping to get back soon.


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