Love Snowdonia? Then you should support the Snowdonia Society.

I’m not sure how they know but according to the Snowdonia National Park Authority almost half a million people walked up Snowdon in 2016 and that number of visitors can only put increasing pressure on the area including paths and wildlife and if we want to protect the beauty of the area then we need to do all we can to protect it.

One way of doing that is by joining the Snowdonia Society whose mission is to:

‘protect and enhance the beauty and special qualities of Snowdonia and to promote their enjoyment in the interests of all who live in, work in or visit the area both now and in the future’.

There are a number of ways to get involved and support them. One way is to join the society and individual membership is currently only £24 a year and it is worth every penny as they have an extensive events calendar throughout the year which includes a range of walks, talks and workshops. A full list of their events can be found on their website.

They also have business membership and a number of those members offer discounts on their products and even from that it would possible to easily recover your membership fee. In some respects I was disappointed at how few businesses appear to be supporting the society especially when you consider that the value of tourism is estimated at £69m a year. I am pleased to see that one of my favourite companies Breese Adventures is a business member…in some respects I wouldn’t have expected anything less!


Like most charities they are also dependent upon volunteers and the events where they require volunteers can be found on their site. Much of their voluntary work relates to wildlife and the countryside but sadly it also involves collecting litter.

Like most people I have heard of Tŷ Hyll or as it is better known, The Ugly House, but did you know that it was owned by the Snowdonia Society?

If you love Snowdonia then as a minimum you should join the Snowdonia Society. If you have the time then get out there and provide practical assistance.



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